Slip dress and Leather Jacket

 I’m always singing the praises of slip dresses! And no wonder this timeless and minimalist sheath has so much going for it. It’s incredibly versatile, you can rock one to a wedding or  to work and everything in between. And with so many iterations of it everyone should be able to find a variation on the theme that suits them.

But even when this lingerie-esque piece skews more evening than a casual brunch with the girls, there’s a way to make it work with a few styling tweaks.

Here, I toughened up this satin and lace number with a leather jacket (how cool is the quilting, which inevitably makes me think of that certain French bag that everybody covets!) and a military inspired bootie.

And the play of textures adds depth to this outfit. I love the contrast of quilted leather with lustrous charmeuse.

To complement this look I went with a silver story for jewelry. Ruffled gunmetal earrings have an industrial vibe and a smattering of sterling rings polishes off the look.

XO Sasha

Slip dress and Leather Jacket Slip dress and Leather Jacket fullsizeoutput_b4a6 Slip dress and Leather Jacket Slip dress and Leather Jacket

Jacket: vintage, similar here and here, here / Dress: thrifted,  BCBG,  here and here / Boots: Vince, similar here and here / Bag: vintage Celine, similar here and here

Earrings: here / Right hand: sterling and blue diamond band, pearl and sterling band / Left hand, Chanel sterling star ring, pear and sterling ring,  and sterling ring–all personal collection

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Collectively everyone’s style has become even more casual since shelter in place. Sweats and activewear are staples for many fashion girls.  And I’m jumping on the leggings-as-pants bandwagon…perhaps. I’m the type who generally only wears leggings to the gym. But they have become so popular during quarantine and I was curious to see how I could interpret the trend for my style sensibility.

A popular way to wear leggings for those working from home via Zoom is pairing them with a blazer. While I definitely admire how many can pull off this look, and may try it in the future, I just don’t feel like myself wearing it. Maybe my blazers are too formal, or I’m not yet fully on board, but the contrast is just too jarring for me. However, I do think that a less structured piece of outerwear like a duster or a kimono jacket pairs with leggings effortlessly. Not to mention the longer length covers your bottom and thus creates a less casual vibe.

Another way to incorporate leggings-as-pants is to choose a monochromatic palette–it just reads as inherently sophisticated and imparts a certain formality. The eye sees an uninterrupted sleek line. However, it helps to vary the textures to create subtle differentiation of color to keep tonal dressing interesting. And with something so form fitting, I like to introduce a little bit of volume. This silk vintage shell drapes beautifully over the skin tight bottoms.

Another sure way to elevate a look based on this athleisure staple is with polished accessories. The white V-cut vamp pumps fit snugly on the foot, giving off elegant dancer shoe vibes,  and the woven leather tote is casually luxe.

The jewelry does not need to be over-the-top here, after all this look is all about comfort and effortless style. The vermeil sculptural earrings, (they remind of of abstracted sails), are subtle but not invisible. And my fave pair of vermeil hand-made bangles (the design reminds me of a bamboo-style motif, but more interesting) dress up the wrist. Since the earrings and bracelets are pretty understated, I chose a smattering of more flamboyant rings just for fun!
XO Sasha

Leggings-as-pants. Leggings-as-pants. Leggings-as-pants. Leggings-as-pants.

Duster: vintage, similar here and here / Top: Vintage, similar here and here / Leggings, Danskin, similar here, and here /  Shoes: Tibi, similar here and here / Bag: thrifted, similar here and here

Earrings: Vermeil pierced earrings, contact / Pair of bracelets: Italy, vermeil 1980′s, personal collection / Right hand: panther ring personal collection; Left hand,  sapphire rhinestone wedding cake ring,  adjustable, contact; Lion ring, personal collection

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Boho top and skater skirt.

The last couple of weeks have been horrific, unsettling and for now, it least it seems, we are on a path to remedy police brutality and racism.  I know it’s going to be a long  and complicated fight, but the fact that all over the country and worldwide people are protesting for justice and equality is incredibly heartening. I have posted my reactions to these events on Instagram, and last week I resumed my regular content. I will continue to pay attention to how things unfold and to keep myself informed so I can be an effective ally to BIPOC.

We’ve had some beautiful weather in San Francisco lately and it’s been a a great opportunity to be able to shed the jeans and go for top-and-skirt combos. Billowing, fluid, loose garments are my go tos in the summer months. This look brings so many good memories!

I’ve paired a boho top from Oaxaca with a sophisticated skater skirt from Mexico City purchased a few years back. I cannot wait to visit Mexico again soon and do some exploring and shopping!
The peasant top is from Casa de las Artesanías de Oaxaca, where you can find an incredible selection of local crafts. The skirt is from @1.8takamura, a designer based in Mexico City (Guillermo Vargas’s great-grandfather was Japanese, hence the name). His designs are experimental with indigenous and Japanese influences. I love the contrast of a rustic gauzy top with the dressier cotton gabardine skirt.

And since we’re all dressing more casually these days I wanted to introduce a sneaker, I’m not naturally drawn to them, but I wanted to branch out. Despite their universal appeal, I’m not a fan of white sneaks for me, they make my feet look bigger and I don’t need to exaggerate anything in that department, lol! For me, a pale blush pair will do very nicely as they blend in with my skin tone and create a streamlined silhouette. What I really appreciate about these is that even the sole is not white.

Of course, I have to reach out for a few statement pieces to elevate this look. I went with a modern take on chandelier earrings and one of my fave bracelets–an Egyptian Revival design with paisley cut-outs by Hobé in a beautiful antique gold finish.

Be sure to email me if you’re interested in any of these baubles!
Sending love!
XO Sasha

Boho top and skater skirt. Boho top and skater skirt. Boho top and skater skirt. Boho top and skater skirt. Boho top and skater skirt.

 Top: from Oaxaca, Mexico, similar here and here / Skirt, similar here, and here / Shoes: Reebok, similar here and here / Bag: Vintage Celine similar here and here

Earrings:  vintage Alexis Bittar, contact / Bracelet: Hobé  contact / Ring, right hand: Amethyst vermeil ring,  personal collection; left hand, between the fingers ring, onyx and turquoise, 1970s, here, contact

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Cardigan and grandpa pants.

Tired of staying at home, but also of wearing leggings, joggers or jeans when you step out for a grocery run or a quarantine walk? If you love menswear inspired pieces like I do, consider swapping out those everyday staples for a pair of classic trousers aka “grandpa pants”, you can read more about the trend here, and  here. The carrot fit is not unlike a pair of joggers, full in the hips with a tapered leg.
To show of the high waist and pleated front, tuck in your fave tank top–I prefer a high neck racerback style–into the classic trouser for a look that’s comfortable but polished.

A neutral palette conveys a sense of elegance. And that vibe is carried through with a chic gold chain necklace, this is a fave vermeil (gilt sterling) number from the 80s, made in Italy, the craftsmanship is noteworthy. And the domed organic button earrings, perhaps a take on the pashmina motif (?) add a touch of whimsy and femininity.

I thought a timeless loafer was more then appropriate here, I think grandpa would approve. I went with a black shoe to ground the predominately cream color scheme. The lunch box clutch is chic but casual.
XO Sasha

Cardigan and grandpa pants. Cardigan and grandpa pants. Cardigan and grandpa pants. Cardigan and grandpa pants. Cardigan and grandpa pants.

Cardigan: Evan Picone, thrifted , similar here and here / Tank top Cos, similar here, and here / Pants: vintage, similar here and here / Shoes: Gucci here, similar here and here /
/ Bag: Marie Turnor,  here, similar here and here

Earrings:  1980s, contact / Necklace: vermeil chain, Italy 1980s, contact / Ring right hand: Ch.Dior, personal collection; left hand, enamel ring, contact, Chanel star ring: personal collection




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fullsizeoutput_b125Version 2

Spring is here, so I’m breaking out my turtleneck and chunky blazer, jk. But not really. Since San Francisco temps are mostly in the low 60s and with high winds it gets pretty chilly. So while I’m eager to wear my summer dresses,  peasant blouses, and sandals, I have to rely on a more weather appropriate outfits.

And the hero piece of this look is the vintage bouclé cropped Dior jacket–one of my most treasured finds!  The reason I rely so heavily on blazers, which are a pretty formal item, is the ability of suiting to easily elevate a laid-back look. While I’m obsessed with the oversized trend, it’s good to change things up and play with silhouettes to keep things fresh. Cropped blazers are popping up on the runways and all over our IG feeds s evidenced by Fall 2020 runways at Eckhaus Latta and Rotate Birger Christensen and they pair seamlessly with a high-waist.

I kept the palette neutral here, it reads as casually luxe, and all those neutrals are working hard in our closets to make dressing effortless. And neutrals need not to be boring if there’s a variation on texture, weight, and tone of fabric.

As far as the jewelry, I kept it to a few key pieces. I have been reaching for large earrings for some time, and lately have found them to be my signature Zoom meetings accessory, whether styling clients or joining friends for happy hours.
And these fierce and bold classic lion head earrings will definitely stand out on the computer screen! These also look expensive, but are stamped metal (hence pretty affordable) and very light weight, so you can rock them all day in comfort. Do these remind of an iconic 20th century fashion designer who was a Leo and hence obsessed with the regal lion motif? I know you know, I’m talking about none other than Chanel. They won’t set you back as much as Coco’s famous jewelry, but they will provide the same effect of classic style and elegance.
And I wanted to continue with the muted palette by wearing the carved resin black and white Givenchy bangle, no need to layer with a piece this impactful. If you’re interested in the earrings or bracelet, email and follow me on Instagram @sasha_m_vintage, where you can shop my collection as well.

This bucket bag by Simona,has bee out of rotation for a long time for no reason at all, I like how its diamond weave inter-plays with the of the blazer. I bought in Mexico City, check out the brand here, they have a beautifully made modern bohemian collection.

Hope everyone is doing well and I cannot wait till the end of the month which hopefully will bring us all closer to reinstating our old lives or some version of them!
XO Sasha
fullsizeoutput_b127 fullsizeoutput_b129

fullsizeoutput_b12b fullsizeoutput_b12d


Blazer: vintage Christian Dior, similar here and here / Turtleneck: Cos, similar here, and here / Jeans: Vetements, similar here and here / Shoes: Tibi, similar here and here /
Sunglasses: vintage Gucci, similar here and here /Bag: Simona, similar here and here

Earrings: Lion gold-tone earrings, 1980s, contact /
Bracelet: Givenchy, contact / Ring: Ch.Dior, personal collection

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Camel blazer and maxi floral skirt.

My IG feed is filled with bloggers showing off their most spring worthy floral print dresses. The prints are bold and the colors are vivid, and they are an instant mood booster! And I’m jonesing to bring out my fave numbers that I can wear to wait in line for Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Target.

I pretty much buy all my spring/summer dresses vintage and one of my faves is this late 80s, early 90s dark floral maxi dress with yards of pleated skirt fabric. One my often used styling tricks is wearing a dress as a skirt. In this case I layered a  chunky fisherman’s sweater. All that fabric needed to be balanced by a thick knit and San Francisco’s spring weather is infamously fickle, and I would rather take layers off then walk around pissed at myself for trusting what my iPhone thinks the weather is.

The camel blazer is one of my most reached for pieces when the weather warms up. And I strategically bought it 3 sizes too big. First of all, I like the oversized esthetic and secondly I wanted to make sure I could layer under it without restrictions. Sometimes trends can serve a higher purpose and are as functional as they are fashionable.
Both the sweater and blazer are wardrobe staples, they are neutral and classic and are trend-immune. On their own they may seem pretty basic and they are, but as you know it’s all  in the styling, and pieces like that will ground any statement items you want to rock.Since necklaces are harder to pull with heavy sweaters situations, I opted for a substantial hoops, which are actually metallized resin and thankfully weigh nothing! And I’m pretty pleased with how versatile the 70s enamel rings turned out to be. In fact, they are perfectly suited for complimenting gemstone solitaires.
Hope everyone is doing well!!
XO Sasha

Camel blazer and maxi floral skirt.
Camel blazer and maxi floral skirt.
Camel blazer and maxi floral skirt. Camel blazer and maxi floral skirt.

Blazer: Rag & Bone, similar here and here / Sweater: Faithful the Brand, similar here, and here / Dress: vintage, American Angel, similar here and here / Boots: Rag & Bone , similar here, here /
Sunglasses: vintage, similar here and here /Bag: vintage Prada, similar here and here.

Earrings: metallized resin / Right hand: enamel ring,  and gold and lemon quartz ring, personal collection  Left hand,  striped enamel ring, vermeil amethyst ring, personal collection

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Vetements coat and gray pants.

‘Safer at home’ continues and I’m working on the remaining couple of posts that I shot in early March. How’s everybody doing? How surreal has our existence become??!?! The days just seem to blur into each other with uncertainty in the driver’s seat. California appears to be in better shape then some states and this is something to be grateful for!! And I hope and pray the spread slows down everywhere!

And I also hope this post serves as pleasant interlude of fashion distraction. Among many obvious normal life stuff, I’m really missing thrifting and vintage shopping. Now everything seems like a luxury, even going to Goodwill and Salvation Army! And I also miss wearing things other then sweats and pajamas! I’m considering adapting a more formal uniform for home.

The last thing I thrifted where these early aughts low-waisted full break pants. I love the extra long pant trend that’s been popping up all over Instagram for several months now. It’s funny how our perception just changes so fast sometimes, what until recently (boot-cut and flares) seemed so old school now appears so fresh and of the moment! I paired them with a wide shouldered coat by Vetements to create a kind of broken suit look (my version of business casual). it’s really genius how the super built up shoulders are balanced by a fitted double breasted torso.

In my version of business attire casual or not, a few tweaks are always in order, And a long silk tee with a subtle tie dye design delivers a sense of whimsy. But why stop there when you can add more flavor with a pair of snakeskin, western style mule booties.

The finishing touches are a mix of classics and whatever strikes my fancy at the moment—a classic vintage  croc crossbody and a pair of silver and turquoise Southwest Art Deco styled cuffs. And I love these chic Ferragamo Gancio drops! Drop me an email ( if you want to snap them up and look for them on IG.
XO Sasha
Vetement coat and gray pant.


Vetements coat and gray pants. Vetements coat and gray pants. Vetements coat and gray pants.

Vetements coat and gray pants.

Coat: Vetements, similar here and here / Top: custom tie dyed Sport Silks by Terramar, similar here, here, and here / Pants: vintage Laundry By Shelli Segal , similar here,  here / Bag: vintage crocodile bag, similar here and here / Shoes: Sigerson Morrison , similar here, here / Sunglasses: vintage Betsey Johnson, similar here and here

Earrings: Ferragamo Gancio drops, / Right hand: middle finger, rhinestone and sterling band,;  Left hand,  Chanel ring, personal collection;  Bracelets coin silver and turquoise cuffs 1930s, personal collection

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Statement sweater and cargo pants.

Mostly spending time at home and sitting at the computer I have been reaching for cozy thick sweaters that will keep we warm while working on a blog post, listing jewelry, or just lounging around. And the look featured here, (shot about a month before the “shelter-in -place” order) features one of my most treasured oversized sweaters by Junya Watanabe/Comme des Garçons. It’s extra long in the front and features a mohair loose knit panel at the top.

This is basically a tried-and-true jeans and sweater outfit, with a cargo pant sub. I love my jeans, but I do reach for them way too much, and I’m getting tired of my current choices. Choosing a statement sweater certainly makes this typical outfit look less so.
Another reason I chose these military green cargos instead of jeans is because I conveniently own a trench coat in the same color. And I wanted to create a monochrome palette that reads more streamlined. This is also one way to ease into wearing statement pieces. Go monochrome and the individual pieces will be less conspicuous.

When rocking pieces that are extra, I like to underscore them with equally strong  jewelry and accessories.
The leather and foiled gold Lucite drop bracelet is from Monies, a Danish company that uses distinct and  mostly natural materials (the company’s pedigree includes work for Donna Karan). And I’m obsessed with this between the finger turquoise and onyx ring from the 70s!  To counter the bulk of the sweater a wedge peep-toe lace lace-up shoe elongates the silhouette.

Hope everyone is safe and this post serves as some much needed sartorial distraction!
XO Sasha

Statement sweater and cargo pants. Statement sweater and cargo pants.Statement sweater and cargo pants.Statement sweater and cargo pants.Statement sweater and cargo pants.

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Damn!! Uncertainty is a bitch! We’re living through some unprecedented times. I have been like everyone else, stocking up on supplies, filling prescriptions and getting ready to “shelter in place”. The mind just reels and spirals… I’m gonna keep taking deep breaths… This is going to be beyond a challenging time for all people all over the world. At the time of social distancing it only makes it more evident how important it is to stay connected, to fight anxiety and stress and to provide support in any way we can in our communities.

As a very small, niche business, I will continue to publish my blog, and list new jewelry on all my social channels and my website. Not only do I hope to sustain myself exclusively online for the time being  with the support of my long time friends and clientele, (who I appreciative immensely!!!) and hopefully gain new clients as well (I suspect we will all be spending even more time online). I hope my obsession with all things fashion, with jewelry topping the list, provides positive distraction to you and a much needed escapism.

Take care of yourselves, stay healthy and stay in touch!
XOXO Sasha

Now on to the post!

One of my recent blog post featured Issey Miyake’s Please Pleats flared pant, and this one has another newer vintage find from the Japanese designer–a neutral beige top that is the perfect basic but sophisticated backdrop to a pair of distinct pendant necklaces. Both have sold, but I have the Gucci perfume bottle still available in navy.

I’m clearly on some kind of pleated fabric kick! What I really appreciate is how plissé elevates a pretty basic garment. Now I’m eyeing pleated knits. How chic and cozy are these two piece combos that are popping up (scroll down to #4) all over!

Speaking of texture, I love how the sheared, plush teddy bear coat contrasts with the pleats–both  convey a sense of luxe in their own distinct way. And I’m equally enamored of these creme pumps by Tibi! They always draw so many compliments. They somehow  possess this uncanny ability to transform any boring old look all their own. So on those days when you just cannot bother, slip into a pair of creme or white shoes and watcb your look magically transform.

XO Sasha

fullsizeoutput_af13 fullsizeoutput_af15 fullsizeoutput_af17 fullsizeoutput_af18 fullsizeoutput_af1a
Version 2

Coat: MSGM, similar here and here, and here / Top: Issey Miayke, similar here, here, and here / Jeans: Vetements, similar here,  here, and here / Bag: vintage Miu Miu, similar here and here / Shoes: Tibi, similar here, here and here / Sunglasses: vintage Gucci, similar here and here

Givenchy Cross Necklace, sold / Rings left hand: ring finger, sterling and ,contact; middle finger, Amethyst and vermeil, personal collection  / Rings right hand,  middle finger, Chinese, 1930s enamel and sterling ring, personal collection;contact; middle finger, brass band, personal collection; pinkie finger; Lion ring, contact

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Is it just me or does everyone else have an easier time finding outerwear then anything any other article of clothing? I recently bought this Courrèges coat from around the 90s. I was looking for a Max Mara, robe style camel coat. But I could not pass up this oversized style with a chic plaid lining! All that volume is ideal for layering and the Nehru collar speak to the French house’s 60s heritage.

The generous cut allows me to wear my fave extra chunky mohair V-neck sweater. But, I wanted to balance out all this fabric with a something more form-fitting. And this Jean Paul Gaultier/Soleil vintage 90s mesh ruched skirt (another recent find) fits the task perfectly. The whimsical print and the body conscious silhouette break up the more sober mood of the rest of the outfit.

Another great way to shake up stagnant winter dressing is of course having fun with your jewelry (did you really think I was going to say anything else??)!!  Cue the Moschino Stop/Go pedant earrings. They make me chuckle every time I look at them (and they where sold at my last Valentine’s Day Pop Up, sorry).
Also, don’t forget to pile on the rings! I recently bought a nice little collection of 70s brass and enamel rings and they proved a hit at that same Pop Up. I love the earthy palette and abstract motifs, and they proved to be surprisingly easy to mix and match with other rings in my collection.
XO Sasha

Version 2 fullsizeoutput_aded fullsizeoutput_adf1 fullsizeoutput_adf3 fullsizeoutput_adf5

Coat: vintage Courrege, similar here and here, and here / Sweater: Cos, similar here and here / Skirt: vintage Jean Paul Gaultier/Sol, similar here and here, and here / Bag: Scabby Robot, here, similar here and here / Boots: Rebecca Minkoff, similar here, and here
/ Sunglasses: vintage Betsey Johnson, similar here and here

Earrings, Moshino, sold / Rings left hand: enamel an brass 70s bands, all personal collection / Rings, right hand: middle finger, personal collection;contact; ring finger striped ring, contact

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