Camel blazer and jeans.

Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone celebrated in their ideal fashion. I unfortunately was under the weather, but not as a bad as last year when I struggled to get over  a cold for a month. But Russian New Year is still ahead (January 14th) and I will make up for it then!

I have many exciting things in store for the new year. Hence you may not here from as often for a little while. One of them involves a home improvement project that will be challenging  for someone who spends a lot of time working from home. The other big project (that has hit a few snags) will be setting up a new website and blog. It will be hard, but so worth it and I’m dreading it and feeling excited about all the changes to come!

I wanted to start the first post of 2019 with a very classic, very simple and oh so necessary outfit to have at your fingertips when life is too demanding to think up elaborate outfits. The formula is simple: blazer + t-neck sweater + loafers. Invest in the best pieces you can afford, they will last longer and you really need the classics to mix in with more quirky pieces you may want to experiment with.
My big splurge from last year was a pair of  Gucci Brixton loafers, they are classic through an through and will be impervious to passing trends. Ideally, I’d have topped of this look with a perfectly luxe but comfortable-as-a-bathrobe camel coat, and while that search continues, I did find this classic Rag & Bone double breasted blazer (that I sized up in to be able to wear with chunkier pieces underneath).
No surprise, think the secret in giving this type of look (and for that matter any other look) your own spin is the accessories. In my case that role will be probably always be fulfilled with over-the-top jewelry. These giant sterling and vermeil 80s hoops are from Israel, I’m pretty smitten with them and will be not letting them go! As well as the the chunky domed cuff with just a sprinkling if diamante is Kenneth Lane.

As you know dressing well is about more then clothes, it affords the pleasure of feeling confident and comfortable while exploring your sartorial fantasies.

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XO Sasha

Camel blazer and jeans. Camel blazer and jeans. Camel blazer and jeans. Camel blazer and jeans. Camel blazer and jeans. Camel blazer and jeans.

Blazer: Rag & Bone / Sweater: Cos / Jeans: Vintage Levi’s / Bag: Ojha  / Shoes: Gucci

Earrings: personal collection / Rings: personal collection / Bracelet: Kenneth Lane, sold

Photography: Garry Alexander Photography Editing: Guseva Photo

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