T-shirt and maxi tafetta skirt.

 If you’re like me, you  want to make your wardrobe to work hard for you. One way to do this is to integrate your evening wear into day.
I can’t even remember for which event I bought this maxi taffeta skirt. But I was happy to find at a very reasonable price at my Mercy Vintage in Oakland. It’s probably not old enough to be categorized as vintage, and doesn’t have an expensive label attached to it, but I loved the silver color (that can be paired with anything), the rustly, crisp texture of the taffeta, and the elegant tulip silhouette.

And why not pair this cocktail hour skirt with a fave band or graphic tee? I topped it off I went with a cropped tuxedo jacket, which the bamboo fabric, with a linen like texture, makes easy to style for day. Of course the white sneaker had to come into play here, it’s a total sartorial palette cleanser. And I love Superga for their clean, fresh designs!

Now for the bling–I wanted statement pieces that where glam, bu had an edge to them. The crinkled (hints of taffeta), antiqued silver-tone earrings are from the 80s (a new find that I will list soon, but you can always email me at to purchase), I’m really intrigued by their feminine, yet industrial aesthetic!
The sandblasted pair of Lucite bracelets embellished with rhinestones are easy to wear with pretty much everything, but I especially like how they compliment the texture of the skirt. And the pièce de résistance is the Swarovski rhinestone snake ring. Also a recent addition, I’m tempted to keep it for myself, I was told by a discerning client that it was probably meant to be mine. But hey, I have a pretty good collection going, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you find this piece as irresistible as I do!
XO Sasha

T-shirt and maxi tafetta skirt.
T-shirt and maxi tafetta skirt. T-shirt and maxi tafetta skirt. T-shirt and maxi tafetta skirt. T-shirt and maxi tafetta skirt. T-shirt and maxi tafetta skirt. T-shirt and maxi tafetta skirt.
Jacket: The Factory / T-shirt: Chris Corner band tee / Skirt: vintage, no label / Sneakers: Superga

Earrings: contact / Pair of Lucite bracelets, here / Rhinestone ring: contact

Photography: Garry Alexander Photography


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