Button-down shirt and a bodysuit.
Few things underpin a wardrobe more then a white button-down shirt. When I do a closet audit with a new client, that’s one of the items that goes on the list of must-have pieces first. But its very ubiquity can make it less then exciting to wear, but at the same time also easy to subvert its strictly utilitarian vibe. Some strategic layering can transition this 9 to 5 wardrobe staple to a chic and sexy  off-duty look.

This button-down happens to be a men’s shirt, and its oversized dimensions are ideal for creating a wrap effect with the lacy bodysuit underneath offering a feminine touch to the standard blazer and shirt ensemble. I love how the delicate lace contrasts with crisp shirt and the thick denim. The high-waisted jeans are perfect for this styling trick, they make it much easier to keep the shirt in.

This neutral palette calls for some heavy accessorizing. I piled on the layers, the two-tone X collar necklace is topped off with two mariner style chain necklaces. And speaking of all the bling,  I’m really excited to have a selection of pieces available at my fave designer consignment haunt, Closet 1951! And be sure to swing by the store August 16th for my Summer Pop Up. Stay tuned for me details.
XO Sasha

Button-down shirt and a bodysuit. Button-down shirt and a bodysuit. Button-down shirt and a bodysuit. Button-down shirt and a bodysuit. Button-down shirt and a bodysuit. Button-down shirt and a bodysuit.

Blazer: Issey Miayke / Button-down: Reiss / Bodysuit: Zara  / Jeans: Vetements / Shoes:  Zara

X collar necklace: here / Mariner style chain necklaces: contact / Wide band ring, contact / Abstract ring with rhinestones: contact / Studded ring: personal collection Dome ring: personal collection / Abstract ring with rhinestones: contact

Photography: Film Star Photography, IG: @filmstarphotos

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