Lynn Merrill of Marka Communications

Lynn Merrill, who you may know from All Gussied Up, a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog, has launched  her fashion PR and Marketing firm, Marka Communications. I’ve been looking for someone to help me with both my companies (going between two websites, and two Facebooks,  planning events can make a girl’s head spin ) and the poised and gracious Lynn was the right fit.  This girl knows how to throw a fun beauty and fashion event and as a fellow bloggerista,  and I felt  she has a unique understanding of my concerns and challenges.

I’m happy to report I’m on way to a major re-brand with Marka Communications help! Read on for my interview with Lynn for inspiration on being successful as a beauty, fashion, or lifestyle brand.
xo Sasha

Lynn Merrill in Sasha Maks Vintage

I styled Lynn’s boho poncho with two necklaces, a pedant with a floral motif overlay and a a glass bead and shell necklace. A pair of bracelets lend a pop of color.

Sasha: You recently launched your marketing and PR agency, Marka Communications. How did you start your career in the industry?

Lynn: In college, I wanted to be an OBGYN and was a Psychology major while taking Pre-Med classes. At any rate, my love for writing surpassed my love for medicine, which led me to my first internship working in marketing and PR upon graduation.I moved up in the PR career world, and discovered new ways to leverage a love for writing and relationship building. Fashion has always been one of my biggest interests, so it was only natural for me to marry the two and start my own fashion PR & marketing firm.

 Sasha: Tell me about blog, All Gussied Up, and your new YouTube Channel.

 Lynn: I have been blogging since 2009, and it is one of my favorite things to do. I love sharing my outfits, beauty tips and tricks, and travel/lifestyle tips as those topics are interesting to me. I am passionate about creating a beautiful life; it is something that you curate within your surroundings, in how you style your outfit to food presentation. I love reading other blogs on these topics, so it was fitting that I started my own way back when!

 I’ve been watching YouTube videos for years and had been wanting to get in on the action but was feeling too shy to do so until recently. I see so many talented women on YouTube get bashed, and I was scared to put myself out there. But I did it, and the response has been great so far! YouTube is such a great way to connect on a more personal level which is why I love it so much.



 Sasha: Do you think your experience as a blogger gives you an edge in delivering results to your clients?

 Lynn: Absolutely. I have worked with bloggers for years, and having those established relationships certainly gives my firm an edge. Working with bloggers is one of the most fun aspects of my job because every blogger has a unique outlook, personality, and style to gain inspiration from.

 Sasha: Is there a particular kind of brand or company you specialize in?

 Lynn: I work with fashion, beauty, health, and lifestyle brands because I have extensive experience in those areas, as well as an interest in all of those areas. My first PR job after my internship was with a fashion brand (who I still work with today) and it didn’t feel like work to me. That’s why I love who I work with and love what I do!

Lynn Merrill of Marka Communications in Sasha Maks Vintage

More is more. Lynn rocks an artisanal pearl, crystal cabochon and sterling necklace by Som’s with an embellished top.

 Sasha: Where do you see your company in a year or two?

Lynn: I see Marka flourishing two years from now. I would love to be working with all of the niche areas that I specialize in, hopefully even playing off of each other for extra brand exposure.

Sasha: What is are the three most important strategies a new company should adopt to succeed?

  1. Do what you love (and what you’re good at). Usually these two follow each other.

  2. Stay organized. I write everything down and use a task management system called Asana. It certainly keeps me sane!

  3. Be open to change. This is an especially relevant concept to keep in mind for those who run an online business. The internet and social media trends are always changing, and rolling with those changes is key.

Sasha: Which trends from Fall 2015 will you be showcasing on your blog and YouTube channel?

Lynn: Fall is my favorite time of the year fashion-wise, so I am very excited to share my favorite trends and styling outfits for Fall on my blog and on YouTube. Right now I’m loving the cape trend, print mixing, and the Victorian trend.

Sasha: How would you describe your personal style?

Lynn: My personal style is a mixture of ladylike and edgy, however it is always evolving. I love mixing super girly pieces with a dash of edge, like a flouncy skirt with a leather jacket or a menswear inspired look with a giant statement necklace and stilettos.

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